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Hello World

Connor Ashcroft - March 27, 2022

Heya everyone!

I went ahead and turned my website into a little blog to talk about stuff I'm working on. All of the old stuff is still here for small pages I put out as well as the file hosting stuff. Dropplets took a little bit to set up, but I got it up and running as the blogging platform here. I tweaked a few things here and there to make it look closer to how I want it.


For a while, I've been trying to stop myself from getting sidetracked from projects. I think the solution that'll work for me is just committing to a single project to work on during my free time every other day or so. The one I decided to devote that time to is BRIX. It was originally supposed to be in Garry's Mod, but performance issues and frame drops (in a fast-paced brick stacking game) led me to make the decision of finishing it as a standalone game to put on Some big goals that I want to reach are:

  • Lobby server hosting
  • Variable-difficulty AI
  • Marathon + sprint modes (singleplayer)
  • OST

It's not going to be easy, but this project has so much of the backend done that I think it's the most viable project to complete. Down the road I'd like to try and finish my Teleporter rewrite for Garry's Mod that I stopped working on many years ago.

I guess that's kinda it. Cheers

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