Connor Ashcroft


A 22 year-old polymath from Eugene, OR in the US who enjoys learning about and creating things. My roughly 13 years of programming experience started in Roblox in 2009 as I made random things I thought were cool. Nowadays, I use my experience with C#, Lua, Python, and C/C++ to keep on making neat stuff. I also enjoy progressive rock a lot, and you can listen to my cover for Starless by King Crimson if you're interested in that.

Coding Projects

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (GMod + Module)

Garry's Mod, Unity
My friend's first time playing (he's the defuser)

I loved playing Keep Talking with my buddies back when it was blowing up. So much, that I tried to put it into Garry's Mod! This was pretty much finished with easy and medium-difficulty modules in 2015, and I learned how to make my programming more modular. It also involved dynamic music which was real satisfying when it fell into place in the video.

GitHub - More Demo Videos

Part of my Unity experience comes from my work on the difficult Number Pad module that I uploaded to the Workshop later in 2016. Its complicated defusal manual page got some interesting feedback, though it was a fun challenge making the code work consistently. This was my first step into Unity which was very easy to pick up, and I look forward to making more things with it!

GitHub (forked from mine)

Tetris 99 Keyboard Controller


It's no secret I love Tetris and similar games. I became obsessed with getting a win in Tetris 99 when it came out! Playing on a keyboard fared better for me, but I couldn't afford a fancy keyboard controller for the Switch. So, I made my own and got my first win. Very fun!

PCB Gerber File - Source code (download)

BRIX: Stack to the Death

Garry's Mod
Fit with a menu system, tutorial, spectator mode, and keyboard + controller support.

A last-man-standing brick-stacking game programmed with Lua entirely within Garry's Mod using the Starfall addon. I've spent over a year, on and off, making this from the ground up. There are certainly other games like it, but I've learned so much more about the structure of games, both on the back end and front end. This project also taught me how to optimize processing power, especially with graphics.

BRIX is currently being refactored to become a standalone game to be released on

GitHub - More Demo Videos

GMod Tower

Garry's Mod

A massive multiplayer hangout server on Garry's Mod, and now standalone video game Tower Unite. This was where I learned to work with a team of other developers! I added video poker and Texas Hold 'Em to the casino in 2014. I also did a New Year's countdown clock for 2015 and a bunch of teaser events hyping up the release of the new lobby map. PixelTail took me on for a few months for Tower Unite in 2016, but I was too swamped with high school and had to depart the team.

PixelTail Games


Garry's Mod
I made this glowing core effect

A Garry's Mod community sandbox server on which I'm a developer. We have a custom map for wandering around and building contraptions. I hop on this server every now and then when I feel like making cool things, like that cool core visual effect above. I also made an adaptation of the American show Deal or No Deal for players to win lots of coins in-game!

Links + Contact

GitHub YouTube

You can reach me at my professional email: [email protected]
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